Forme Longcliffe 5

£529.00 £379.00



Offering race performance combined with the basis for a light, fast and durable road bike capable of training, fitness or commuting the Forme Longcliffe 5.0 Road Bike is a highly versatile road bike that should be at the top of anyone’s wish list.

To offer such high performance the Forme Longcliffe 5.0 Road Bike is crafted with the only the best components and materials. A premium aluminium frame is crafted using AL-7005 tubing handcrafted by Kinesis with Forme’s very own custom geometry. The result is a superb frame that offers both comfort and performance.

It’s not only the frame that gets the premium treatment on the Forme Longcliffe 5.0 Road Bike, every component has been expertly chosen to offer the maximum level of performance without affecting the price.

A pair of custom built wheels comprising of Alex Ace 17 double walled rims and smooth Formula hubs offers quick engagement and a minimal rolling weight while a compact chainset and wide ratio gears offers a gear for practically any situation without the need for a 3rd chainring.

Thinking of using the Forme Longcliffe 5.0 Road Bike to commute? Good news as the Forme Longcliffe 5.0  Road Bike offers suitable mudguard clearance thanks to its long reach brake callipers.